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Remembrance of our beloved Late. Jagdish Raje, Director

As we complete one year of operations without our founding Director, Jagdish Raje, we need to pause, introspect and redouble our resolve to walk the path envisioned by him and make GEM Engserv “The Engineering Consultant of Choice” for our clients and to provide meaningful, professional, and dignified employment to many.

While we all, especially those who had a close working relationship with him, miss him a lot, we should leverage the fond memories that we have of him to not get distracted and keep our focus on the job at hand. That would be the best tribute that we can pay to him.

To reiterate his thoughts, GEM is an Engineering service provider. In all our services, even if these relate to “Management”, we bring in an Engineering perspective. Towards this end, every GEMian should continuously strive to upgrade their technical knowledge and skills and be updated with the latest trends and technology.

Our service should reflect this, so that everyone looks at GEM as a professional organization that imparts correct civil engineering advice based on facts and technical knowledge and not be white-collar managers churning out reports and statistics sitting in air-conditioned offices.

These ideas and thoughts are nicely summed up in the core values of Gem and it is worth reminding ourselves of these, so here goes:

  • Customer focus
  • Ownership
  • Integrity
  • Respect for the individual
  • Value creation through competence
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Mohana Raje
Mohana Raje
September 28, 2020 9:12 am

The one principle that Jagdish followed all his life and instilled in our family was:

“Tuch Tuzya Jeevana Cha Shilpakar” (Marathi)

In English it translates as “Belief in Self and belief in your ability to make the change you desire”.

Jagdish embraced this principle and the story of his life revolved around building, evolving, pursuing, perceiving and uniting. His wit, humor, intelligence and ability to engage and hold an audience of varied age groups made him a sought – after professional, mentor, brother, uncle and friend.
Needless to say, he was the popular parent and took a lot of pride in being the go-to guy for his daughters.

A person who loved to live life to its fullest and took in his stride all of life’s twists and turns – we had hopes, he would win his health battle as well.

Life had other plans for him and for “US”.

This “US” has since his absence evolved and extended beyond the immediate family and circle of friends. This US is our GEM family – our strong voice of reason, existence and continuity. The force that silently but surely stood behind me. They gave me the courage and confidence to take the reins and the big task – Jagdish left behind.

I know and understand their loyalty, faith and belief in Jagdish and Shashank’s vision. They hold dear the values and principles of the two leaders who have embarked on a path to create a leading consultancy in this niche technical field.

I take this opportunity in remembering Jagdish’s legacy to say THANK YOU. Sincerely, honestly and from the bottom of my heart.

To all our clients and business partners, I urge that you find the same faith you had in Jagdish in me and believe that GEM will deliver to your needs and will strive to meet your demands.

Do not hesitate to reach out to me, to reach out to us.

In these unprecedented times – I pray for everyone’s health safety and well-being.

From the GEM Family,
Mohana Jagdish Raje

Shashikant Zarekar
Shashikant Zarekar
September 27, 2020 9:50 pm

My interaction with Jagdish Raje sir was of unique memories, I really liked his way of getting involved in smallest of the details in all topics and received his advise creatively.

To me, He was not just an engineering ad management professional, but a true right brainer who had lots of creative approach to any problems. His presence had positively improvised my thoughts in striving for perfection.

He was a spirit which is still motivating me in carrying work with full of energy and fun.

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