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Get Shop Drawings, Fabrication Drawings, and Estimation Quickly and Accurately.

With our rebar detailing service, avoid constructability issues, costly delays, and rebar wastage. We enable structural engineers, rebar fabricators, and steel erectors for optimized construction of reinforced concrete structures.

Save efforts and time: Get error-free shop drawings tailored for contractors, subcontractors, manufacturers, and fabricators.

  • Competitive and custom pricing
  • On time delivery
  • Proper communication with clients
  • Flexible approach
  • Large team of chartered structural engineers
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Sample Work of Bar Bending Schedule for Prestigious Projects

Rebar Detailing Service

Reinforcement Shop Drawing Detailing

GEM Engserv specializes in precise and meticulous shop drawings for the pre-construction phase of various projects. rebar shop drawings translate and present design information in such a manner that is easy to understand by the site team.

Shop drawings play crucial for beams and columns. It showcases crucial construction and fabrication details, encompassing elements such as size, assembly, shape, material, and installation processes. These drawings serve as the primary tool for contractors, providing essential insights for a seamless construction process.

Look through our project showcase for more details.

Nuclear Power CorporationNuclear Power Corporation
Nulcear Power Corporation, India
50000 MT
Westgate Tunnel ImageWestgate Tunnel Image
Westgate Tunnel, Melbourne
5000 MT
Battersea Station, London
4000 MT
Tata Daewoo JVTata Daewoo JV
Mumbai Trans Harbour Link, Mumbai
40000 MT
Nine Elms Station, London
5600 MT
Oceanwide Plaza, Los Angeles
20000 MT
Southbank Place, London
9000 MT
Route 2020 Metro, Dubai
5000 MT
Rebar Cage Concrete Reinforcement

Showcase for our Rebar Detailing and BBS Service


Methodology of Rebar detailing
Reinforcement Chart

Easily Understand fabrication details, assembly from shop drawings

GEM Engserv with its team of in-house rebar detailers, rebar drafters, and rebar designers gives attention to clients’ requirement and deliver reinforcement drawing with 3-level checks.

Our team has delivered more than 2,50,000 metric tons of rebar detailing across the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, Israel, Singapore, South Africa, and India. Specialized Rebar Detailing Services with LOD 400 accuracy, we help the contractors to visualize the structures for prefabrication and rebar placement on site.

  • Eliminates rework due to placing rebar in wrong layers with detailed rebar arrangement sections.
  • Guaranteed timely delivery of Bar Bending Schedules
  • No communication gaps and coordination errors. With us, achieve seamless information transfer.
  • With BBS, get the rebar placements (ideas of different sizes of bars, bend, and length of bars) in structure even before any rebar is bent or sheered
  • High-quality construction documentation for reinforced concrete structures

Our Rebar Detailers are experts at

  • Rebar shop drawings
  • Rebar 2D modeling
  • Bar listing in ASA format
  • Total rebar estimation
  • Foundation details
  • Footing detailing
  • Bar bending schedules
  • Roof truss and joint details
  • Concrete masonry detailing
  • Retaining walls detailing
  • Quality take-offs & As-built drawings

Get an accurate rebar estimation for your project bids with our rebar takeoff service. We deliver accurate rebar placing drawings for Foundations, Superstructures, Bridges, Viaducts, Marine terminals, Power plants, Wastewater treatment plants, Mass transit systems, highways, Public schools, etc.

We always achieve the construction-ready level of accuracy (LOD400) and prepare information-rich detailed rebar designs.

Get high-quality reinforced concrete detailing drawings quickly and accurately working on British Standard (BS8666, BS8110), American Concrete Institute (ACI135, AC1318), Euro Code (EN1992-1-1), Australian (AS 3600), Indian (IS2502, IS456, IS13920, SP34) to suit your requirement.

Rebar Cage

Rebar Placement Drawings

The bar bending schedule is a structured presentation of reinforcement bars in a tabular format. It is typically provided for each specific type of reinforced concrete construction work.

The bar bending schedule simplifies the process for site engineers to examine and confirm the cutting length and bar bending during on-site inspections.

Plan Construction Techniques / Design Intent referring to the Shop Drawings

How we work:

  • Receive Project-specific information which includes reinforcement summaries, construction programs, pour sequence, location of construction joins, and project deadlines.
  • After having a detailed study of the project with given standards, if any data is missing, we raise query to the client for RFI (Request for the information).
  • Mutually agreeing to your delivery programme; we then provide you with a cost estimate for our deliverables.
  • Two-stage checking involved – Firstly, our detailing work is checked in-house to ensure high-quality is maintained by the detailer; and then secondly checked by our chartered structural engineer before being delivered to you.
  • Submission of the shop drawings and BBS as per the committed date for further approval from the client with quality checks.
  • Reinforced Concrete details (RCD) and bar bending schedules is presented with title block and drawing numberings to suit your project requirements.
  • All work is executed under the supervision of chartered structural engineers.

Whether the project size is 1 ton or 10,000 tons, be rest assured that our team will deliver the highest quality of reinforcement detailing services.

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