GEM Engserv Pvt. Ltd is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization, certified by TUV India in accreditation with National Accreditation Board for Certification Bodies (NABCB).

QUALMANN - Manage the quality of construction projects efficiently and effectively.

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  • Complete paperless quality management app for QC
  • Streamline your construction processes, and avoid costly mistakes
  • Capture quality related observations and non-conformance reports
  • Create quick audit checklist and site inspection of materials, construction activities
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Construction Quality App for completely digitizing quality management of construction projects

Often, construction projects are plagued by delays, faulty workmanship, and other problems. These can lead to costly delays, rework, and even legal action.

With QUALMANN you can avoid these issues by simplifying quality management documents and track construction progress.

By using our app, QA QC engineers can take photos or videos of work in progress, do material inspections, make notes about any problems, and quickly share this information in real time with the project manager. With going digital, we can help you identify potential issues early on so they can be addressed before minor issues becomes major problems.

Additionally, having a digital record of work progress can be helpful in the event of a dispute referring to the contracts documentation for the project. With the right construction quality app, you can save time and money by avoiding costly mistakes. Choose our app that will fit your needs and start improving the quality of your construction projects today!

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• Approve contractor’s call for inspection of for RCC, Finishing and MEP activities (Pre, During, Post stages).
• Submit checklist digitally without any paperwork.
• Digitally signs checklists on the app.
• Generate approval records in PDF on demand.
• Pay only for completed and approved tasks. 💲💲💲💲

• Easily record and track site actions (High, Medium, Low severity).
• Attach photos, videos to maintain evidence.
• Track timeline of compliance.
• System generates daily / weekly / monthly observation tracker.
• Implement scoring and debit system. 💲💲

• Record incoming material details and digitally fill inspection checklists.
• Attach Manufacturer’s Test Certificate (MTC), Site test report, Lab test results.
• Approve and issue material for use through mobile app.
• Easily track summary of approved material at month-end.
• Pay only for approved and issued material. 💲💲💲

• Implement digital Work Permit system.
• Record photos / videos as evidence of hazards and control measures.
• Digital documentation to track safe work completion.

• Quick record daily toolbox talks.
• Boost safe working and improve productivity.
• Compliance record at month-end.

• Trigger periodic inspections on-site.
• Digitally request and approve safety checklists.
• Auto-generate monthly tracker of equipment safety and inspections.
• Ensure safety and legal compliance.

• Digitally record NCR for serious quality issues.
• Capture Root Cause Analysis, Corrective Action and Preventive Actions.
• Generate system report for tracking and commercial controls.💲💲💲


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To integrate QC Checks and other aspects of Quality Management with construction workflow

To ensure ‘zero misses’ with regards to QC Checks

To enable paperless Quality Management documentation

Workflow of quality inspections integrated with execution

Has features for documenting test of incoming materials and status of acceptance / rejection

Outcome of inspection communicated to all stakeholders immediately (in real time)

RFI Raised & inspection outcome recorded real time through APP

GPS enabled tracking of operating engineers

Alerts are generated if some RFI is missed or some test date is approaching [7 /28 days cube test]

Periodically auto-generated reports circulated to all stakeholders

System switch to SMS communications in case of poor connectivity

Queriable Database

System can be queried and special reports generated as required

Business specific rules can be customized in the work flow​

Built-in intelligence enables even junior engineers to deliver Quality


“The understanding of the team is excellent and they provide prompt support to our team and contractors when we need their help.”
Vice President - QHSE
“The system has developed very well and the workflows have helped simplify a lot of our complicated processes. I would recommend team GEM to anyone looking to reduce manual working on site.”
Safety Leader
“Not only did they understand the pain points of the end user, their involvement with each of our contractor teams also gave us the confidence that they understand the challenge of change management on a construction project.”
Sr. Manager (QA/QC)