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Rethink Safety on your Construction Project Site – Go from Risk to Control

Leverage our comprehensive system for managing safety on construction projects and simplify implementation and documentation.
Automate and simplify 65% workflows and documentation requirements on your construction project. Ensure that your project team and safety group spends maximum time in actual monitoring and minimum time in reporting.

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Occupational health and safety chart
Easy Usage

Easy to use

If your team can use message using WhatsApp and watch reels on YouTube, they can easily use our app. All they need is a smartphone and a working internet connection

Easy Usage

Works offline

Our project sites are well connected these days but you may face network outage briefly here and there. Now you don’t need to worry about that because our mobile app allows you to access permit checklists offline, fill forms, and even attach photos and videos even when you have 0 network.
Submit your forms, checklists and photos and our app will track network continuously. Data will be automatically synced to the server once you are back online without you taking a second look at your phone.

Easy Usage

Generate all reports in PDF

Want to send a filled out form or a walkaround report to the contractor? You don’t need to prepare it manually. Just find the record that you created, click the PDF button and receive the document in your format, in your mailbox, in seconds.

Easy Usage

Never worry about audits

Does your team waste days every time there is an audit coming up? Now with the auto-dump feature, you can push all records in a month to a selected SharePoint or Drive folder. If you’ve signed off on a document, the report will always be available.

Easy Usage

Agile Support

Our team has seen it all! We spent the past 5 years gathering user feedback, learning from mistakes and working out the most agile model for monitoring performance of the app and providing support. Implementation is monitored through a combination of remote training sessions as well as an on-the-ground rollout and handholding period.

Easy Usage

Configurable workflows

We know you are different from the rest. No two firms operate the same workflows when it comes to on-site processes. Our team has vast experience in managing changes in workflows, reporting formats, notification mediums and backup protocols. When you engage us, you get a system custom-made FOR YOU, WITH YOU, BY YOU.

Safety Manager Auditng Report

Developed with inputs from the industry, used by high performers in the industry.

Take control of your project site, implement robust systems and ensure maximum productivity without the risk of accidents.

Process Excellence

Many stakeholders struggle with setting up correct process for “Safety Management“. Use our system for the best-in-class workflows which set up a de-facto OHS Management System for your construction project site.

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Save Cost, Time and Stress

Implementing a robust Occupational Health and Safety Management System has impact on the culture of the team and requires stringent documentation. Use our mobile app system to simplify and eliminate documentation bringing large saving in time and cost.

Moreover, you can be rest assured that the team is “doing the right thing” and focus more on audits and monitoring.

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Save Lives

The construction industry is reported to be second to only mining when it comes to vulnerability in terms of safety.

It is our responsibility to implement systems that enable to prevent accidents, be ready in case a mishap occurs, and work towards saving the lives of those who are building our projects for us.

Implementation of any enterprise-wide system needs extensive effort. We have reached the best in class SLAs to ensure that system rollout becomes a piece of cake.

Sit back and allow our Project Managers to engage with your team to set up, rollout and monitor your project.

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Prepare a robust plan with Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Controls

The first and most overlooked area in Safety Management is the preparation of HIRAC. Simply provide the type of project and run through the HIRAC workflow to generate a custom-built HIRAC document to sign-off and use on your projects. Upload HIRAC and other safety management documents to the digital drive folders available on the cloud.

Digital record of Toolbox Talks, Meetings and Safety Trainings

The foundation of a robust EHS system is awareness about safety processes and safe working methodology. This is transmitted on a daily basis by the contractor to workers. Our mobile app helps you to easily maintain digital record of these events.

Tool Box Talk Instructions

Digital workflow for permits

The most proactive monitoring mechanism in Safety Management is the Work Permit system which helps you establish Controlled Working on the project site. The mobile app helps you request, check and approve permit forms on the go throughout the day. No more waiting for teams to get paper forms signed. No more idling or skipping permit approvals to save time.

Work Permits