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Recruitment is more complex than just people search. We share our experiences about the dynamics of hiring in today’s world.

Most of us understand very well, the value created by Value Engineering. Why then is it utilized so ineffectively by so many?

Are roles and responsibilities clearly defined within your team? If not, here’s why you should take another look at it.

Should premier academic institutes be tasked with undertaking peer reviews regardless of the size and complexity of the structures?

Alu-Form technology is used to produce high quality durable and affordable buildings. A good formwork is made up of high strength aluminium extrusion which weighs very less compared to steel formwork

Learn more about how project Planning and Scheduling play a pivotal role in decision making within various departments.

Value engineering is a critical early-stage activity of a project. But do we understand it completely? Here is Part 1 of our FAQs...

Technical Audit is different from a QMS Audit under ISO 9001. It covers all the functions but does not examine the Engineering aspects of the operations

Explore how preparation of bar bending schedules coupled with constructability assessment can help reduce cost during execution.

Understand sequence of conducting structural audit and issuance of stability certificate by a licensed structural engineer.


Shashikant Zarekar

Value Addition Through Engineering Expertise


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