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3D Rebar Detailing – Is it worth the expenditure?

Explore how 3D detailing adds value to construction projects and the conditions in which this expenditure is worthwhile
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Rebar detailing render image

In couple of our previous articles, we have seen how Rebar detailing is beneficial to projects and why use of cut & bent reinforcement and Welded wire mesh are affordable engineering solutions. Rebar detailing helps enhanced production, wastage reduction, and superior quality.

Additionally, it also saves “time and money” by early clash detection. Even though rebar detailing is done using softwares, it is still dependant on the experience & visualisation skills of the detailers and engineers, especially for large projects with densely reinforced and complex shaped elements. This is where 3D rebar detailing comes to the rescue of the project.

With more and more iconic structures coming up, 3D detailing is rapidly becoming a standard requirement.

What is 3D Rebar Detailing? How is it different from 2D rebar detailing?

3D Rebar Detailing is the process of preparing reinforcement Shop Drawings or Fabrication Drawings using 3D Modelling softwares. The reinforcement is modelled in the Structural Model, exactly as it will be placed on site and helps the site team visualise it in 3 dimensions. Whereas in 2D Rebar detailing, the detailer draws plan, elevation, section of the element. The reinforcement is drawn in the plan/elevation/section to make sure it fits within the concrete outline.

Why 3D Rebar Detailing is the best option?

2D rebar detailing is a traditional way of working, that consumes lot of time and resources in large and complex projects. 3D Rebar detailing overcomes all the limitations of the 2D rebar detailing with clear cut advantages, listed below.

  • Clash detection – 3D Rebar Detailing is a smarter way to visualize placing of reinforcement to make sure it does not clash with reinforcement from the other intersecting element or inserts of equipment’s placed on the elements.
  • Time Saving – Due to early clash detection, the site team has the little to worry about proper placement of reinforcement and just has to pick the bars and place as per the shop drawings. There is always a chance of wastage of cut and bend rebars due to detection on clashes during placing, but the shop drawing with 3D detailing, this is completely avoided. Thus, saving valuable time & resources thereby helping in faster and smoother construction.
  • Increased efficiency – 3D Rebar detailing enables users to gain quick & detailed insight of the Structure through 3D model. Any number of 2D drawings can be instantly generated from the 3D Model, this makes it very useful and helps increase efficiency as compared to 2D detailing, where each drawing is drawn independently.
  • Quality Improvement – The 3D Model is accessible to all stake holders from Architects/MEP personnels to the Steel Fabricators on Site, thus keeping everyone on the same page. Any clashes detected due to the changes happening during the execution can be updated in the model and workable solutions can be found out.
  • Accurate Cost Estimate – 3D Rebar Detailing allows users to keep estimate of the total quantity & cost of Reinforcement steel involved in the project and track changes in real-time.

Salient Technical features of 3D Rebar detailing softwares


In this rapidly developing and increasingly competitive environment of the construction industry, 3D Rebar Detailing proves much helpful to enhance efficiency & quality of construction. It’s not only time saving but also facilitates proper Change management.

It provides a digital platform for collaboration amongst various stake holders like architects, designers, site engineers for creativity and innovation, while keeping the industry and safety standards in clear view. Construction companies can gain game changing positions in market, by releasing valuable resources due to significant time saving and pitch for newer projects to boost in their profit margins. By using 3D rebar detailing, companies can benefit from the adoption of new technology which modernizes their operations and ensures their survival & growth in the industry for the brighter future.

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