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GEM Engserv Pvt. Ltd is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization, certified by TUV India in accreditation with National Accreditation Board for Certification Bodies (NABCB).

Expert Advisory Service - Structural Audits, BRIDGE INSPECTION, ISO CERTIFICATION

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Bespoke Technical and Management Services

Structural Audit of commercial building

Inspection of slab during a structural audit in a commercial building in Navi Mumbai

Substructure Design for major bridges

Walvahan Dam inspection

Structural Audit service of a Hydro Power Plant

Telesuprecon ISO 9001

Diagonsis of cracks in a port structure in West Africa

Safety Audit Tata Projects

Occupational Health & Safety Audit for METRO PROJECT, Ahmedabad

Audit / Inspection of a suspension bridge







GEM Engserv provides third-party peer review services for structural design of bridges, factories, residential buildings, and commercial buildings. With a combined experience of 40+ years, we ensure the accuracy of design by checking its compliance with current Indian or other International Standards and latest industry practices. The calculations and drawings submitted by the structural designer are checked with a fine-tooth comb and compared with our independent calculations. Our engineers are proficient in leading structural analysis and design software such as SAP2000, ETABS and STAAD.Pro. A detailed peer review report follows the thorough proof-checking, which elaborates all the observations based on, but not limited to, the following points:

Major third-party peer-review assignments carried out by GEM

Viaducts and bridges for dedicated railway freight corridor from Dadri to New Boraki in Uttar Pradesh

A 3 km long viaduct containing a single electrified dedicated freight railway line is being constructed in Uttar Pradesh. The viaduct consisted of open web girders, solid slabs and retaining walls and the design of all components of the bridge from foundations, substructure, abutments, retaining walls, bearings and superstructure was peer reviewed by GEM.

Two DFCC RFOs near Kanpur

Two open web girder RFOs spanning 80 m and 45 m carrying a single electrified dedicated freight railway line in Kanpur district of Uttar Pradesh were peer reviewed. The design of all components from foundation to the superstructure was checked.

7 major bridges and 4 ROBs near Ratnagiri, Maharashtra

A new railway line connecting Jaigarh to the existing Konkan railway line was proposed which consisted of 7 major bridges, 4 ROBs and 10 minor bridges. The bridge superstructures consisted of steel composite plate girders and PSC girders. The design of all components from foundation to the superstructure was peer reviewed by GEM.

Educational building in Kharghar

After cracks were found in slabs and beams of an under-construction educational building, GEM Engserv carried out the diagnosis of the problem, in which the design of the building was peer reviewed after a structural audit. After checking the design calculations and ETABS model, a diagnostic report of the safety of the structure was generated.

Column Retrofitting of a residential building in Chembur

The retrofitting scheme of columns using prefabricated carbon fibre reinforced polymer for a residential building in Chembur was peer reviewed by GEM.

Turnout Sleepers for Western Dedicated Freight Corridor turnouts

Cracks were observed to have formed on the top surface of pre-tensioned PSC turnout sleepers. The number of cracks and the pattern of occurrence was observed to reach a preliminary hypothesis. The design of the sleepers and the casting process were studied and the behaviour of the sleepers at the end of manufacturing process was replicated to understand the causality.

Diagnosis of cracks in U-girder in Mumbai Metro

Cracks were observed to have formed on the bottom surface of pre-tensioned PSC U-girders of 25-28m length, with over 70 pre-stressing strands used. An approach similar to that of the turnout sleepers was employed and U-girder was modelled using solid elements in SAP2000 to replicate the behaviour.

Residential Building in Khar, Mumbai

A G + 13 storeyed building, modelled in ETABS + SAFE software was reviewed. The building comprised of isolated and combined footings, retaining walls, PT-transfer slab/beam, shear walls along with beams, columns and slabs. All the components were designed using ETABS, RCDC and manual calculations. Design calculations, software models and RC Detailing drawings were reviewed by GEM.

Retrofitting scheme of two residential towers in Chandigarh

Two residential towers in Chandigarh were being retrofitted by a major developer. GEM was responsible for the peer review of the retrofitting concept, design calculations and drawing and the repair methodology used in the scheme.

Setting up Quality Management System ( QMS )

We at Gem Engserv also offer advisory services to organisations for creating and implementing Quality Management System and business processes. Organisations that have availed of our services include VBHC, ASF insignia, Tata Housing, Godrej Properties and many others.

In the context of an organisation in the construction / real estate business, the QMS will include the following elements, depending upon the scope decided by the leadership.

Product Specifications,  Inspections and test plans, Construction methodologies,  Quality audits and corrective actions, Quality audits and corrective actions,  Organisation structure,  Roles and responsibilities, Business processes of all functions, Vendor and contracts management, Risk Management.


Gallery of Projects under Expert Advisory Service

Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Ltd



Narmada Bridge​

Start Date




Scope of Work

Conducting “Continuous Scour Monitoring” for foundations of Narmada River Bridge

Godrej Properties Ltd.




Start Date




Scope of Work

Structural Audit - Independent assessment of retrofitting​​

Tata Power Co. Ltd.



Station & Colony – North, East & Kalyan Circles

Start Date




Scope of Work

Structural Audit

Konkan Railway Corporation Limited



NH-66 in Bhatkal-Shiroor section

Start Date




Scope of Work

Preparation of detailed methodology and drawings

Leighton India Contractors Pvt Ltd.



Dhirubhai Ambani International School

Start Date




Scope of Work

Diagnosis of Retaining wall Cracks

Cotecna Inspection SA



Material testing lab at Dubai

Start Date




Scope of Work

Technical due diligence