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#DigiGEM - Revolutionising the Construction Industry with Digitization

We at GEM Engserv have continually put an effort towards digitalizing the construction methodology so that projects gets completed with  as per desired expectations. 

In past, There have been issues of data storage, security and interpretation during and post construction. We have robust team of developers who have been developing apps technology which will help to streamline this process and contribute to faster and effective delivery of projects. We have been taking in account minute details and possible problems that any project faces. We assure through our #DigiGEM services that the technology is integrated in such a way that process gets simplified and maximum optimisation of resources is achieved.

Below are some of our Apps

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#QualMann App

Leading Quality Management App with a difference. We provide end to end solution for Quality Control and Assurance, with clients like Oberoi, Godrej etc have been satisfied over time. The process of RFI's have been simplified which in turn has increased efficiency of team on site.

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#SnagMann App

A complete paperless snaglist management tool to identify frequently recurring problems and measure quality of contractors. Assess time required for snagging, desnagging & forecast better project timelines.