GEM Engserv Pvt. Ltd is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization, certified by TUV India in accreditation with National Accreditation Board for Certification Bodies (NABCB).


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Controlling cost escalation and managing material is one issue that cannot be compromised. Quantities for architectural and structural components are extracted at the schematic, tender, Good-For-Construction (GFC), and construction stage.

  • Project brief discussion
  • Based on areas, information gathered, DBRs and other preliminary documents
  • Assumptions made and confirmed with Client
  • Close interaction with the design team
  • Participation in the design meetings
  • Value Engineering suggestions made and no de-scoping
  • Information taken from available drawings and smart assumptions vetted by Client.
  • BOQs Extracted from tender drawings
  • Identification of overheads and the provisional sums for items or equipment that are not finalized till this stage
  • Overhead costs estimated based on the market situation and contractual clauses
  • GFC Drawings
  • Accepted Tenders
  • All the vendor contracts/POs.
  • Provisional sums for packages/equipment not finalized

GEM Engserv is a leading Quantity Surveying Company based in Navi Mumbai. The scope of our cost estimation service involves preparing BOQ for Architecture, Structure, and MEP; and delivering projects efficiently.

We offer Quantity take-off and BOQ preparation services to Architects, builders/ developers, contractors, consultants, worldwide for Residential, commercial, industrial, hospitality, power plants, infrastructure (roads, bridges, railways). Our team’s robust system of checking and experience guarantees Quality deliverables – Estimates, Quantities, Cost plans, and Timely delivery.

We have detailed more than 3,000,000 Sq. mtr of quantity take off across all our projects and have clientele across 5 continents including India.

Some of our clients

Client Testimonials

Metcalf Builders@ Chief Estimator
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“Your group has been doing a great job. Having GEM to assist us is a valuable resource. We look forward to doing future business with GEM”
Garrisons Demolition Engineering@ President
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“You have done a very good job on this project! It was done well by your team and I appreciate the work”
PSA Project Management@ Project Manager
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“Many thanks for your continued excellent support to us.”
Swinerton@ Director
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"GEM Engserv has satisfactorily provided and completed Quantity take off and preparation of Bill of Quantities for Oceanwide Plaza’s structure, finishes, MEP & Rebar take-off within stipulated time & quality."
Saifee Burhani Upliftment Trust (SBUT)@General Manager, Contracts
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GEM Engserv has satisfactorily completed Quantity surveying & Cost Estimation for Saifee Burhani Upliftment Project
T Bhimjiyani Realty Ltd@Senior Vice President
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GEM Engserv has satisfactorily completed preparation of cost plan, contracting strategy, Bid Management, Cost Monitoring by on-site deployment as per stipulated time & quality.
AFCONS Infrastructure Ltd.@Vice President
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GEM Engserv has successfully assessed structural steel quantities for Chenab Bridge to our satisfaction within stipulated time & quality, This bridge has a complex geometry like space frame with a curvature in two planes. The approx. quantities of structural steel involved were 28000 MT.

Bill of Quantities (BOQ) and Cost Estimation 

In the tendering process, the BOQ document helps to break down the project scope by work items and quantities to the bidding contractors. It ensures that all contractors quote for the same amount of work.

That means, the neutral party determines the scope and quantity of work and the bidding contractors have a fair chance of competition which results in quality deliverables.  

  • Accurate cost planning & continuous cost control protects the owner from financial shocks
  • BOQ is an essential bridge between the design engineer & cost planner. It acts as a tool to track the construction progress and can also be used in project scheduling to forecast the project cost.
  • BOQ can be used to check the deviation between actual work quantities vs the original quantities after the project is completed.
  • An accurate cost plan is of great help during the finalization of contracts
  • Cost planning helps to control costs at every stage of project development

The advantage of BOQ preparations is to itemize material and labor for easily managing the construction project costs. Also, To quote for a project without understanding complete work items is going to be yield incorrect cost estimation, especially in case materials are involved in large quantities.

A good BOQ document must have an easy to read language when describing each work item since the document is also been read by non-technical professionals.

Software Proficiency

  • On-Screen Takeoff (O.S.T)

International Mode of Measurements

  • IS1200
  • SMM7
  • POMI
  • ARM4
  • Australian SMM
  • HMM