What is Rebar Detailing & Bar Bending Schedule?
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Ranjit Patil (General Manager - Rebar Detailing)
Large Rebar CNC Machine

The conventional method of managing reinforcement (rebar) work in RCC construction is to set up a rebar yard at site. Rebar is stored, cut & bent in this yard and locally shifted to the work front for installation. This requires dedicated space in the vicinity of the site. The yard is typically managed by a rebar foreman, bars are cut & bent in a manual/semi-automatic machine, and BBS is prepared manually by an Engineer. While this arrangement was adequate in the past, increasing the need for speed, quality coupled with lack of space at sites has made this option less effective.

Rebar detailing is to prepare reinforcement shop/placing drawings along with Bar Bending Schedules (BBS). The placing drawings help the execution team to identify the location of the reinforcement along with lap positions, whereas the BBS calls out quantity, bending shapes with dimensions. Shop/placing drawings is a very important link that conveys the designer’s intent to the execution team. These drawings are prepared by experienced engineers & technicians implementing all the codal requirements. The drawings are presented in a manner that makes fixing rebar on-site simple and easy. Specialist software is required to prepare the rebar shop drawings.

Rebar detailing practice is widely adopted in developed countries like the USA, CANADA, UK, Middle East region to name a few. The popularity of Rebar detailing in these countries is mainly due to shortage of site workers and critical timelines of projects.   

Rebar detailing is also gaining popularity in developing countries like India. Projects in Metropolitan cities are adopting this service owing to space constraints in setting up of cutting, bending and storage yards at site and shortage of labour.

Benefits of Rebar Detailing -

  • Productivity: Enhanced production due to use of CNC machines
  • Wastage: Reduction in wastage resulting from planned storage and reuse of offcuts
  • Optimization: The cutting schedule can be optimized for maximum use of available stock lengths & rationalized for use of similar Diameter / Lengths leading to further reduction in wastage.
  • Quality: Higher dimensional accuracy through machine cuts leading to better control on cover and clearance; eliminating forced fits.
  • Compliance to standard: The detailing team studies design drawings in advance, raise queries & get them clarified from structural designers before finalizing the shop drawings & BBS. This ensure complete compliance to detailing standards.
  • Clash detection: Any potential clashes within rebar, MEP etc. are sorted in advance, before preparation of shop drawings & BBS thus saving unnecessary stoppages during execution.
  • Design intent: The shop drawings & BBS can be reviewed by structural consultant for his design intent before actual roduction.
  • Couplers: Use of couplers can be planned better to avoid laps, avoiding congestion in heavily reinforced elements & making more space to maintain good quality concreting.
  • Procurement: The quantity of reinforcement will be readily available for procurement as well as billing purpose. No separate estimate/ measurements / records are required.
  • Safety: Factory production is inherently safer as compared to site bending. Safer shape codes can be introduced through careful detailing, thus achieving maximum safety to workers / engineers on site.
  • Prefab cages: Standard elements like footings, pile-caps, columns, beams can be produced in cages & directly placed at locations.
  • Space requirement: Cutting & bending in the factory eliminates need of rebar yard at site.
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