Welded Wire Mesh

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Mr. Ranjit Patil (General Manager - Rebar Detailing & BBS)
Welded Wire Mesh
  • Understand difference between traditional reinforcement work and modern methodology.
  • Why welded wire mesh is gaining acceptance worldwide ?
  • Learn benefits of using welded wire mesh in detail

Traditionally, RCC construction projects manage reinforcement (rebar) work at the site by setting up a yard for storage, cut & bend in this yard and locally shift reinforcement for installation. Recently, the use of factory cut & bend reinforcement has also been used considering the increased need for speed, quality coupled with lack of space at sites. In both cases, however, the installation effort needed remains the same.

To overcome this constraint, the technique of using Welded Wire Mesh (WWM) is gaining acceptance slowly but steadily. Though the use of Welded wire mesh is not very popular in INDIA, it is widely adopted in developed countries like the USA, CANADA, UK and the Middle East region. The popularity of Welded wire wesh in these countries is mainly due to the shortage of site workers and critical timelines of projects.

Welded Wire Mesh is a need of the hour in developing countries like India. Projects in Metropolitan cities must adopt this technique owing to space constraints in setting up of cutting, bending and storage yards at site and speed up the installation process. Provisions exist in the Indian Standards that support the use of Welded Wire Mesh through advice regarding their design and detailing.

Welded Wire Mesh in Slab
Welded Wire Mesh in Slab
Footing Cage
Footing Cage
Column/Beam Cage
Column/Beam Cage
Column/Beam Cage
Column/Beam Cage

Benefits of using Welded Wire Mesh

  • Productivity & Time Saving: Improved site efficiency & productivity with reduced reliance on manpower on-site. Welded Wire Mesh can be placed in position relatively faster as compared to placing individual bars and tying them in place. This results in reduced cycle time of slab casting.
  • Cost Effective: If planned right from design stage, it helps designers to adopt similar bar diameters/ spacings, facilitating bulk procurement & production leading to overall cost saving. Projects get competitive edge and reduced construction cost due to enhanced speed of construction.
  • Quality: Fabrication of Welded Wire Mesh in a workshop ensures high and consistent quality by use of advanced machines & welding techniques. Use of machines also results in higher dimensional accuracy. Designers can use thinner bars at closer spacings achieving efficient stress transfer to concrete with much smaller crack widths, resulting in better finished surfaces.
  • Wastage reduction: Welded Wire Mesh can be manufactured from rolls instead of stock length bars, thus minimizing the wastage.
  • Optimization: The production schedules can be optimized for maximum use of available stock lengths & rationalized for use of similar Diameter / Lengths leading to further reduction in wastage.
  • Storage: Welded Wire Mesh requires lesser storage area at the site. Welded Wire Mesh can be directly lifted from trucks and placed at location. Stacking of bars for shorter period at site thus minimizes rusting and soil contamination.
  • Safety: Factory production is inherently safer as compared to bending rebar at site. Use of Welded Wire Mesh reduces involvement of workmen at site, thus the risk to workers / engineers on site is also reduced.
  • Space requirement: Cutting & bending in the factory eliminates need of rebar yard at site.
  • Prefab cages: One step further can be use of pre-cages for standard elements like footings, pile-caps, columns, beams. These can also be fabricated in factory & directly placed at locations. Use of Welded Wire Mesh cages has a multiplier effect on all the advantages listed above.

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Ranjit Patil (General Manager - Rebar Detailing)
Learn how conventional method of managing reinforcement (Rebar) work in RCC construction has been upgraded over years to CNC machines increasing efficiency.