GEM Engserv Pvt. Ltd is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization, certified by TUV India in accreditation with National Accreditation Board for Certification Bodies (NABCB).



Asia Business Outlook - GEM Engserv as Top 10 Project Management Consultants in Asia 2022
Asia-Business-Outlook-GEM -Engserv

Asia Business Outlook - Top 10 Project Management Consultants 2022 

GEM ENGSERV: Construction Project Management Consultancy with an Engineering Bias


Completing a project within tight deadlines is a major concern for most in the corporate world. Today customers expect more within shorter period of time which has pushed many companies to streamline their operations. While many businesses struggled to cope-up with the increasing demand from customers, some business organizations like GEM Engserv were able to see the new market opportunities arising and provided advisory to the complex problems in the construction sector.
GEM Engserv is an ISO 9001-2015 certified organization that was founded by 2 IITan’s 13 years ago. The founders realized early on that it would be a challenge to achieve standardization in an industry as dynamic and diverse as construction. Their response to this challenge was a strong focus on technology in order to bring all stakeholders onto a common platform. GEM Engserv not only explores and adopts new technology wherever applicable, but they have also undertaken the task of designing and developing digital workflows to mimic the manual processes that are notoriously difficult to control.
Pursuing a vision of becoming the “Engineering Consultant of Choice”,GEM Engserv has grown as an engineering and construction management firm by adding value to projects through their engineering expertise. The company’s commitment to never compromise on the quality of their operations and their focus on keeping complete transparency has helped GEM Engserv to grow stronger consistently and develop into one of the force to reckon with in this segment.

Finding real world client-centricsolutions

To cater to the diverse requirements of their clients, GEM Engserv has created a diversified service portfolio that includes Project Management Consultancy, Third Party Quality Control, Quantity Take off, Contracts Management, Rebar Detailing, Structural Design, Digital Solutions, and Training and technical advisory. Apart from all this, the company also provides management consultancy to organizations in construction sector and value engineering services in the civil engineering domain. This wide array of services has helped GEM Engserv to develop into a one-stop solution provider for their clients. Combining their strong engineering expertise, and experience of managing a variety of techniques for fast-track construction (Precast, Tunnel formwork, Aluform), GEM Engserv is able to accommodate various approaches that their clients adopt. More important than that, the company does not believe in a one-size fits all approach and ensures that all of the services that they offer are client-centric, bespoke and result-oriented. With the ultimate objective of bringing peace of mind to the customer, the company prefers to be involved at the early stages of a project. This ensures that their advisory on design validation, contracting and procurement strategy, risk assessment methodologies can bring maximum benefit.

Delivering excellence – securing repeat orders

Adding more about the company ethos, Shashank Vaidya, Director says “Our first responsibility is towards the civil engineering profession. Integrity towards engineering principles is paramount. The next responsibility is towards our customers whom we serve. That being said, we equally value our employees, partners, vendors. The culture of the organization reflects an attitude of respect for each individual that we interact with”. Our desire to have flexibility in operations, and hands-on expertise in diverse functions and applications have acted as a cornerstone behind our success. Unlike many others in this segment, all our services are delivered by in-house teams which helps us to be extremely agile and customer centric. Since our inception, this is something that we have always prioritized as it is one of the facets that separates us from the rest in the market.

“Value Addition Through Engineering Expertise”

There are several other aspects that makes GEM Engserv a unique entity in the market, all of them driven by a good mix of engineering expertise blended with strong management principles. In terms of scale, they are at that sweet spot. They are not so small that they cannot pick up challenging assignments and at the same time, they are not yet that large that the senior leadership loses sight of the on-ground operations. Often, business heads seek the top management’s counsel pertaining to some peculiar issues where an engineering solution, rather than management intervention, is required.

Create. Enhance. and Sustain - Driven by the strong Core Values

When asked more about the evolution of GEM Engserv in the industry, Sanjiv Anand, Chief Operating Officer says, “We have grown as an engineering and management solution provider to the construction industry. GEM positions to be the preferred PMC agency in construction sector focusing to deliver projects with minimum risk and emphasizing on implementing strictest safety measures at all their construction sites. Our core values “customer focus” and “value creation through engineering expertise” coupled with diverse industry expertise has allowed us to cater to many the blue-chip developers. Currently, we have delivered assignments across the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, Singapore, India, UAE, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Gabon, and Ghana/Nigeria. To all their projects, the management has been committed to: Complete ownership of the project’s scope of work, Continuous involvement throughout project lifecycle and Ease of access for process improvement and course correction”.

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