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Professional Home Inspection Service


Defects in Construction

As a buyer, you are entitled to receive a defect free house from the developer. However, not everyone has the ability to identify the defects in construction. It requires knowledge of specifications, awareness of industry practices and experience to identify and pin point the defects. We have a team of qualified construction Engineers, well versed with Quality Control inspection to conduct a thorough inspection of the structure and help you communicate the same with the developer effectively. Depending upon the scope of our service, we can carry out such inspections at different stages of construction or at the final stage when the house is offered by the developer for possession.

Delays in Possession

BLESS has, cumulatively, hundreds of man years of experience in project management, construction quality assessment and also progress tracking. The developer/builder, normally gives you an assured completion period from start of the project. If the buyer engages BLESS at an early stage, BLESS can inspect the site work every time a stage payment is demanded,  and based upon its huge experience, can raise red flags about the likelihood of the assured/promised schedule being adhered to. This will help the buyer in getting early warnings about possible delays, and take preventive measures and make alternate arrangements.

Risks & Unfair clauses in the contract

A typical contract between a customer and the developer is a contract between a two unequal entities. The developer generally formulates a sale contract to protect his interest. This may unwittingly damage the interests of a customer. An apparently harmless clause written in deceptive language may be interpreted to the convenience of the developer at a crucial juncture. Similarly there may be clauses that are non-standard from an industry perspective. RERA does not protect a customer against such instances. BLESS will identify such clauses in the sale contract and forewarn the customer. In case a customer has signed the sale contact with such clauses then BLESS can suggest countermeasures. This may save any untoward development later.

Dispute with the builder

In case of a dispute with the builder, BLESS shall empower the buyer with all the technical evidence (based upon their inspection visits). While it will not fight a court case on behalf of the buyer, if requested, it can suggest a good lawyer to represent the buyer in court. The legal fees, etc. are to be determined as per the agreement between the lawyer and the buyer and BLESS shall have no role in the same.

Scope Of Professional Home Inspection Services:

  • Reviews:
    We review the flat's sale (contract) document signed by the home buyer and advise them about any associated risks or unfair clauses in the contract to watch out for. We also offer recommendations about the stages during which the home buyer should engage our inspection service.
  • Site Inspection:
    Our Quality Control professionals visit the home buyer's property for an inspection when the developer (builder) requests for an installment. Our engineer inspects all aspects of construction at the property and fills out our standard Quality Control checklist. Photographs are included as evidence in inspection service.
  • Schedule Tracking:
    We also provide an early signal if the progress seems to be falling behind schedule. Our report indicates whether it is likely, unlikely or impossible for the property to be completed and handed over within the promised delivery date.
  • Quality Inspection Pre-Possession:
    Our engineers inspect the property at the final (pre-possession) stage before the home buyers pay up the final installment. Our checklist covers all aspects of the home that should be inspected before accepting the handover.
  • Legal Counsel:
    When a home buyer raises concerns about the property, the builder may reject or refute the claims made. In case the home buyer wishes to register a formal complaint against the builder, we offer legal support to the home buyer in the matter.