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Technical Training & Development Service

Methodology of Training :

  • Rigorous full-day training program by senior industry experts
  • Personalized training programmes to master specific topics
  • Case study based teaching method to give hands-on experience
  • Quiz and interactive sessions in an open forum
  • Corporate training program at clients facilities

Importance of Coducting Training Sessions :

  • To expand the knowledge base of engineers
  • To improve employee performance by equipping them with new skills
  • To understand quality standards and industry benchmarks
  • To stay updated with industry best practises & to have competitive edge
  • Networking opportunity with fellow industry colleagues
  • Corporate training program at clients facilities

Glimpse from training Sessions:

Courses Delivered So Far

Concrete Mix Design

Quality management in concrete construction

Developing Internal Auditors for Quality/Safety/ISO 9001 based on Audits

Value Engineering in Construction

Design Engineering for Construction Professionals

Art & Science of Decision making for project execution

Construction Contracts

Basic of construction project management

Management of reinforcement works

Project Operations

Work Life Balance

Stress Management