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Newsletter - April 2020
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Future ready projects require some serious

Engineering Expertise.


Adapting to a massive global disruptive change is the new normal.

In this unprecedented COVID-19 situation and with the growing uncertainty around us without a definite end in sight, the time has come to adapt to a different lifestyle and a new way of life.

It has been a few generations since the advent of the railways. The world has not slept without the noise of the engines and the carriages running on the tracks. Now everything has changed. The world has never seen such massive restructuring of everything possible. Most of the workforce is working from home in isolation. With this, from now on, we can’t expect business as usual, but It’s now business as un-usual.

One may experience a lot of psychological uncertainty and spend energy trying to control the uncontrollable risks; one may end up feeling helpless and possibly leading to a state of fear, which is a very disempowered state to be in.

Initiatives taken to motivate the team to keep working hard, achieve more, and to increase productivity may lead to some semblance of reality. However, it will take immense effort to drive it and everyone will need to remain in the right frame of mind or stay motivated in isolation. The lack of these may lead to exertion, pressure, or guilt of not knowing how to deliver under these circumstances.

One should recognize that relinquishing control and having an impartial view of reality will be necessary as one cannot control what is happening in the world, the economy and or industries.

A leader must empower and navigate the team through this challenging phase. Every business leader should realize that this global phenomenon is not the time for profitability, but to explore opportunities and implement them as we all emerge on to the other new side.

Importantly, one must recognize the importance of uplifting your team’s morale during this time to forge a strong team culture where everyone feels supported and valued.


Evaluate Cost of Quality for your project using Prevention, Assessment and Failure (P-A-F) Cost Model. Majorly, the cost of repairs accounts for 10-15% of the project cost.

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Sr. No
Project Name
Client Name
Scope of Work
Hirani - Glanleam Road
Hirani Engineers
Rebar detailing
Dominican Sisters Rosery Demolition
Garrison Demolition and Engineering Inc
Quantity take off
P810 Runway & Taxiway Extension, NAWS China Lake
Pave Tech Inc
Quantity take off
TB4, TCL Campus
STT Global Data Centres India Private Limited
PMC & QC services

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