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Newsletter - March 2020
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The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has had a massive impact on the world. We can’t say for sure when it will be over, but what we do know is that ‘this too shall pass’. In these unprecedented times, we urge every individual to support the directives of the government and contribute to the society by maintaining social distancing. With our joint effort, the impact of the pandemic shall, hopefully, be contained.

Every crisis in the history of mankind has brought about opportunities for improvement. We hope that these opportunities are explored, identified and realised to make the best use of the time available with each one of us. We need to introspect and assess our contribution to the problem that we face today and what we can do to avoid repeating it. Concern for the environment, which was more expressed than implemented, will surely take center stage once we emerge from this crisis. In our own capacity, we need to work towards minimising the carbon footprint of construction activities.

Similarly, at a personal level, many good practices that we tended to ignore will hopefully be ingrained in us and become our habit so that we won’t need another crisis (and directives from the Government) to acquire these!

At GEM Engserv, our employees are being encouraged and guided to acquire new skills through on-line courses. We have also started conducting in-house training programmes using web conferencing, on subjects of our competence. We hope that these will help us serve our customers better.

Be disciplined and Stay Safe !

With Regards,
Dr. Mohana Raje, Shashank Vaidya


Are human resources fungible? How do changes in leadership and project teams impact the continuity of a project? This article delves into human resource is not only one of the most vital resource for project delivery, but also the most difficult to manage.


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