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Building Better Together- The Role of Strategic Outsourcing in Construction Project Management

Most successful firms no longer do everything in-house. Explore how you can enhance your output with a laser-focused collaboration strategy
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Engineer Explaining to Manager

In today’s dynamic construction industry, outsourcing has become a strategic decision for navigating the complexities of engineering and project management. From specialized contractors to intricate structural design, outsourcing offers a pathway to efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and enhanced project outcomes. Today we shall uncover how outsourcing can revolutionize project management and optimize resource allocation for construction.

Outsourcing scenario in construction sector

Outsourcing has been an integral part of the construction industry for decades. Lately it has acquired further significance due to complexities of projects and demanding timelines for completion.
Outsourcing helps to save Time and Money, and reduce Stress during both pre-construction and construction phases of a project.
Outsourcing is broadly done in the domains listed below:

  • Specialist Contractors
  • Specialised Engineering Services

While purchase of goods and materials is also outsourcing in the strictest sense, it is not considered so as hardly any organization in the construction space has the ability to produce construction materials!

Outcome of outsourcing

While the outcome of construction outsourcing is a product, in case of engineering services it is design drawings or document (specification, bill of quantity etc.). It is relatively easier to identify a defective product but rather difficult to identify a deficiency in a service.

Outsourcing of engineering services can be compared with that of consulting a specialist doctor or a healthcare professional when one is sick or desires to seek advice to be healthy.

An engineering service provider professional who provides independent advice and works for you to help you realize your expectations from a construction project. It is a relationship that depends on trust and mutual respect to work successfully. The consultants offer their knowledge and expertise to help you and may have to tell you something that you may not want to hear. You should be prepared to listen and recognise that they are trying to protect your interests.

Engineering Services which can be outsourced

With increased reliability on the speed and availability of effective internet services, there are various services which can be outsourced. Few of these services are as listed below:

  • Architectural planning & design
  • Structural Design and detailing
  • Peer Review of Design
  • Design of Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire-Fighting services
  • Quantity Surveying and Cost Consulting
  • Preparation of Bar Bending Schedules
  • Preparing and updating Project Schedules
  • Review of Tender and Contract Documents
  • Construction Supervision, Progress Tracking and Bill Certification
  • Third party Quality Control / Third Party Safety Management
  • Audit of Quality and Safety system during construction
  • Snagging, Commissioning and Handover

It often helps if the consultant (partner) has sufficient expertise and experience in handling multiple areas mentioned above. This ensures that the solutions offered by the partner is not siloed in approach and can bring maximum benefit as the result of a comprehensive view of the project.

On several occasions, our services began early during the pre-construction stage where the customer needed help to prepare a cost plan for their project. Seeing our performance in this crucial area helped established trust with our customer and allowed them to see as a partner for a larger scope on the project.

Benefits of outsourcing of Engineering Services

There are several benefits which can be derived by outsourcing of engineering services. However before taking a decision of outsourcing an elaborate effort need to be undertaken to identify a competent outsourcing partner. Few benefits of outsourcing are listed below:

  • Some tasks may not justify employing a full-time professional when realistically the person may only be needed 10 to 15 hours a week. This is where outsourcing becomes invaluable and allows companies control their overheads.
  • It may not be possible for a company to have the all the expertise required for a project. Outsourcing can help bridge this gap very effectively.
  • Outsourcing can help a company to focus on their core strength and expand their business without any unjust risk.
  • The expertise of the outsourcing partner can bring a fresh set of ideas and help in taking an informed decision considering the various options.
  • Partnering with a consultant specialising in Construction Project Management can enable a firm to stay in touch with latest trends. This can range from adoption of latest methodologies in construction, selection of alternative materials and value engineering ideas which the consultant may have been exposed to.

As an example, one of customers called upon our experience in construction using aluform shuttering to optimise the design, utilisation as well quality control points during construction. In hindsight, they realised that while they had the correct intent of leveraging this new technique (a few years ago), their own team was not geared up to handle aspects related to design, procurement and monitoring of execution.

By conducting the cutting, bending and production of prefab cages in a controlled workshop environment, the use of advanced machines and techniques ensures consistent and high-quality results. The utilization of machines also contributes to greater dimensional accuracy.

Production schedules can be optimized to maximize the utilization of available stock lengths & rationalize the use of rebars with similar diameter and lengths. This approach further reduces wastage.


Partnering with a competent engineering service provider is a crucial link for successful execution of a project. The timely inputs from them can save significant cost and time. The inputs can also help to make any mid-course correction to ensure that project stays on course with respect to timelines and cost.

If you deprive yourself of outsourcing and your competitors do not, you’re putting yourself to the risk of getting out of business.” – Lee Kuan Yew

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